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Te Rere Hau Wind Farm

The Te Rere Hau wind farm is situated on North Range Road in the Tararua Ranges approximately 11 kilometres from Palmerston North.  The site operates 92 Windflow Technology WF500 turbines, with an output of 46MW, capable of producing approximately 117.2 GWh's of renewable electricity per annum.

Consent for the wind farm was granted from the Palmerston North City Council in 2005. Construction of the wind farm commenced the following year in 2006 and involved the commissioning of 65 turbines on 240 hectares of land owned by the Company.

In 2009 resource consent was sought from the Tararua District Council for an extension of the farm to install up to 56 turbines on the eastern side of the wind farm. Consent was granted in March 2010 and 32 turbines were commissioned progressively up to 1 July 2011.

97 turbines were constructed, however only 92 turbines are operated currently.


The consent allows for a further 56 turbines to be operated in the future but there are no plans for an extension at this time.


The electricity generated is fed into the national grid through a transmission line connected to the node at the adjacent Tararua wind farm.


The wind farm provides economic benefit to the country through providing electricity generation close to where it is needed and an estimated $2m to the local community through the employment of local residents and purchase of other goods and services.

TRH Services Ltd (100% owned and controlled by NZ Windfarms Ltd) is the entity responsible for the operation and maintenance of Te Rere Hau wind farm.

Windflow 500 Turbine

These 500 kW turbines are 30 metres high and have a rotor diameter of 33 metres.  The turbines were the only locally produced variants being operated in New Zealand and are designed for the strong winds and turbulent conditions prevailing in the region. 

See the Windflow 500 brochure for more information on the turbine.

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Philip Cory-Wright
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Corporate Governance


Corporate Governance

The Board is committed to maintaining the highest standards of governance, business behaviour and accountability in order to promote investor confidence.

Consistent with this commitment, NZ Windfarms corporate governance framework takes into consideration contemporary standards in New Zealand, incorporating the NZX Corporate Governance Code's, principles and recommendations. 

Corporate Governance Statements

2021 Corporate Governance Statement


2020 Corporate Governance Statement


Health and Safety

NZ Windfarms will conduct our business activities in a way that protects the health and safety of all workers, stakeholders, contractors, visitors and the public.

As part of NZ Windfarms commitment to safety in all aspects of our operation we manage a large number of safety related hazards and risks.

Health, Safety & Well-being Policy

Public Safety

Public access to the wind farm is not permitted. Authorised entry is strictly controlled.

NZ Windfarms Limited has been assessed by Telarc Limited in accordance with JAS-ANZ PSMS Scheme issue 1 and has been found to operate a management system conforming to NZS 7901:2008 and upgraded to NZS 7901:2008 and is designated Telarc Registered No. 97 for the implementation of a safety management system for public safety in the electricity generation industry for the sites and assets owned and operated by NZ Windfarms Ltd and the Te Rere Hau Wind Farm.

Telarc Certification

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