Privacy Policy

1.     Outline of this Privacy Policy

1.1  NZ Windfarms Limited (NZ Windfarms, we and us) is committed to protecting the personal information of all individuals whose personal information is held by NZ Windfarms including shareholders, employees, local residents and persons who access its website (you).

1.2     In this privacy policy we explain:

(a)      how and why we collect personal information;

(b)      how that information is stored;

(c)       how you can access and correct that information; and

(d)       when we might disclose personal information to other people.

1.3      This privacy policy does not limit or exclude any rights that you have or may have under the Privacy Act 2020 (Privacy Act)

2.        Application of this Privacy Policy

2.1      This privacy policy applies whenever we collect personal information about you.


2.2      By becoming a shareholder or employee or contractor or accessing our website or using services offered by us, or providing information directly to us, you consent to the collection, use, disclosure, storage and processing of personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

3.        Collection of Personal Information

3.1      We may collect the following personal information:

(a)   your name, phone number, physical address, postal address and email address;

(b)   for shareholders, your shareholder number and shareholding particulars;

(c)   for employees and contractors, your employment or engagement particulars and history, IRD number and tax information;

(d)   metadata obtained through your use of our website, including your IP address, computer and connection information, referring web page, standard web log information, language settings and time zone;

(e)   information obtained by or submitted to us from you through your use of our website, including information and documents submitted by you, pages viewed, buttons clicked, viewing time, keyword searches

(f)     your payment information, such as your bank account, credit or debit card details;

(g)    any communication with us either directly, via phone or email.

3.2       We may receive information about you through our share registry, website, applications, communication systems, or other communication.

3.3       We may also receive information about you from third parties, including in the following circumstances: 

(a)   for shareholders we may obtain information from our share registry;

(b)   for employees and contractors we may undertake reference, credit or police checks;

(c)   for website users we may collect data from your accounts on other platforms that you give us permission to connect to.  You can stop us from collecting data from those other platforms by removing our access on the platform or by contacting us at

(d)   your payment provider may provide us with information about the payments you make to us; and

(e)    we may collect information from public sources.

3.4       If you choose not to provide information when we ask for it, then we may not be able to provide services to you.

4.         Use of Personal Information

4.1       We use personal information we collect about you:

(a)   to verify your identity;

(b)   to communicate with our shareholders;

(c)   in connection with your employment or engagement (or potential employment or engagement) by us;

(d)   in connection with the provision (or potential provision) of services to you;

(e)   to communicate with you in relation to any services;

(f)    for market research purposes, to better understand your activities, behaviours, preferences, and needs;

(g)   to market our services to you, including contacting you electronically (for example, by text, email or an online messaging platform);  

(h)   to collect money that you owe us, including authorising and processing credit or debit card transactions;

(i)    to co-operate with any government, industry, legislative or regulatory authorities;  

(j)    to protect and/or enforce our legal rights and interests, including defending any claim;

(k)   to inform you about community liaison activities that may concern you;

(l)    to comply with our legal obligations; and

(m)  for any other purpose authorised by you or the Privacy Act.

4.2       We reserve our right to use data (on an anonymous basis) for marketing and accounting purposes.

4.3       You may request that we stop sending marketing or promotional messages at any time, by contacting us at

5.         Cookies

5.1       We use cookies (being an alphanumeric identifier that we transfer to your computer’s hard drive so that we can recognise your browser) in order to monitor your use of our

5.2       You may disable cookies by changing the settings on your browser, although this may mean that you cannot use all of the features of our website.

6.         Links to Other Websites

6.1       Our website may contain links to other websites.  We may provide those links or they may be provided by other users.  These links are provided for your information only
            and we have no control over the content or privacy practices of those websites.  Before you disclose your personal information to another website, we recommend you
            check its terms and conditions, including any privacy policy.

7.          Disclosure of Personal Information

7.1        Unless expressly authorised to do so by you or under this privacy policy, we will not disclose any of your personal information to any third party except where disclosure
             relates to the purposes for which the information was collected (as stated in clause 4 above) or where it may be required by law to do so. 

8.          Storage and Retention of Personal Information

8.1        We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the personal information collected, used or disclosed in accordance with this privacy policy is stored in a secure environment
             protected from loss or unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

8.2        When you use our website or the Services, your personal information may be transferred to our related companies.  We may also engage service providers for the purposes
             outlined in this policy that are located outside New Zealand, such as service providers that host or maintain any underlying IT system or data centre that we use to provide
             our website and the Services.  We take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information held outside New Zealand is secure and held in compliance with this
             privacy policy.  For example, when we engage service providers located outside New Zealand we ensure that our contractual terms require the service providers to protect
             the information provided to them in a way that that provides comparable safeguards to those provided under the Privacy Act.    

8.3        We will hold personal information collected in accordance with this privacy policy both before and after the provision of Services to you, but only for so long as we are
             legally entitled to do so, including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, regulatory, tax, accounting or reporting requirements.  To determine the appropriate period of  
             time to hold your personal information, we consider the amount, nature and sensitivity of your personal information, the potential risk of harm from unauthorised use
             or disclosure of your personal information, the purposes for which we process your personal information and whether we can achieve those purposes through other means,
             and the applicable legal, regulatory, tax, accounting and other requirements.   

9.          Accuracy Prior to Use and Disclosure

9.1        Prior to using or disclosing your personal information, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is accurate, up to date, complete, relevant and
             not misleading.

10.        Accessing Personal Information

10.1      You have the right to access and correct personal information held by us by contacting us at 

10.2      In particular, you have the following rights in relation to your personal information:

(a)         to request access to your personal information;  

(b)         to request a correction to your personal information;  

(c)         to request the deletion or removal of your personal information;  

(d)         to object to the processing of your personal information;

(e)         to request a restriction on the processing of your personal information;

(f)          to request a transfer or your personal information to you or a third party; and

(g)         to withdraw consent to the use of your personal information.

10.3      To the extent our website allows you to set up an account with us, you may also update the information we hold about you, such as your contact details and password,
             by logging in and updating the information in your account.

11.        General Provisions

11.1      We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy by uploading an updated privacy policy on our website.

11.2       If any part of this privacy policy is not enforceable for any reason, whether under the Privacy Act or any other applicable law, that part will be deleted and the rest of the
              privacy policy will continue to apply.