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NZX Announcement - Te Rere Hau Noise Monitoring

As part of meeting resource consent compliance conditions for the Te Rere Hau wind farm, NZ Windfarms Limited ("NWF") engaged noise consultants to carry out an extensive noise monitoring programme at Te Rere Hau during May and August 2009.

The results from this were then incorporated into a compliance report prepared by NWF's noise consultant that was provided to Palmerston North City Council on 21 September 2009.  NWF's noise consultant concluded in that report that the analysis indicated full compliance during the period of the 2009 monitoring with the resource consent conditions relating to noise.


Palmerston North City Council engaged its own noise consultant to peer review the compliance report. NWF has been provided with a copy of that report.  The review report has identified a need for further analysis of the data and monitoring but states that "there is reasonable doubt" that Te Rere Hau is complying with the maximum noise levels at certain locations during night time and certain wind conditions.  The report also states that further analysis and monitoring is required to determine if there are tonal characteristics present that may potentially merit application of a tonal penalty to noise measurements.


NWF is working through the report to assess the implications of the conclusions.  However, NWF notes that the review report has not identified any definitive non compliance.  NWF's preliminary view is that the statements made about possible non compliance need further analysis.


NWF is reviewing the report with its noise consultants, including for factual accuracy, and will seek to clarify the issues raised in the report with the Palmerston North City Council. NWF will provide a further update when this process has been completed.


For any enquiries contact:


Steve Cross

Chief Executive Officer

Phone:  (03)  943 5410


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