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11 August 2009 - NZX Announcement - IEC Certification

NZ Windfarms Limited ("NWF") is over half way through the installation of the 97 Windflow WF500 turbines ordered from Windflow Technology Limited ("WTL") for the Te Rere Hau project.


When selecting the Windflow WF500 turbines for use at Te Rere Hau, NWF required that WTL agree to seek Class 1A Design Certification of the WF500 turbine in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Committee Standard WT-01:2003 ("IEC Class 1A Certification").  NWF has placed orders with WTL for 97 turbines in reliance on positive progress reports from WTL on the certification process.


WTL has advised that the turbines supplied to date and yet to be supplied to NWF for use at Te Rere Hau will not meet IEC Certification standard.


NWF is now seeking expert advice to determine how material the difference between the turbines supplied is from turbines that would gain IEC certification.  NWF is also reserving its position in regard to what mitigation or remediation it will seek from WTL.  NWF's objective is to be satisfied that turbines supplied by WTL will be fit for purpose on the Te Rere Hau site.



For Further information contact:


Steve Cross

Chief Executive Officer

(03)  943 5410