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NZX Listed 

NZ Windfarms Ltd (NWF) offers investors a unique opportunity to invest directly in wind energy. 

As a publicly listed company on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZEX), NWF shares can be traded on the market.  Up to date share trading and prices can be obtained from the NZX Website.

Annual/Interim Reports

Preliminary Announcements

Quarterly Results

Electricity Market Overview

New Zealand's electricity generation is currently reliant on three main fuel types hydro, gas and geothermal.  Wind powers share of total generation is growing rapidly, at present it is less than 5% but is expected to increase to over 20% in the next decade. 

To learn more about New Zealand's electricity visit the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Website.


Electricity Supply, Demand and Spot Prices

The Te Rere Hau wind farm sells the electricity it generates into the wholesale market.

Supply, demand and prices in this market change every half hour of every day. To see what is happening in the market at present follow either of the following links to the Electricity Information Website or Energy Market Services Website.

Quarterly Operating Statistics

NZX Announcements

AGM - Chairman and CEO Reports

AGM - Notice of Meeting & Poll Results