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NZ Windfarms Limited is dedicated to minimising the impact of its operations on the environment. Our business, our people, our customers and our communities rely on New Zealand’s natural resources, and it’s crucial we look after them.


Environmental sustainability ensures our natural and shared resources are available to future generations. We want to have a positive impact, not only on the environments in which we work, but also on the communities we share those environments with.


Climate Change

Momentum to limit the extent and impacts of global warming continues to grow in New Zealand. This includes the projected physical impacts of climate change and the transitional risks such as regulatory change and shifting consumer behaviour.

All of NZ Windfarms’ electricity generation is renewable. We harness the power of wind to create clean energy for a fairer and healthier world.


We believe we are well placed to support the transition to a low emissions economy, and are closely following how climate change policy will soon be taken into greater account by all councils and consenting processes.

We have recently re-examined our operational activities to identify potential actions to minimise climate change and environmental impacts.


The proposed mandatory climate-related financial disclosures for listed companies adds further impetus, and means NZ Windfarms will identify, assess, take action, and disclose material climate-related financial risks to our stakeholders and investors in future.



Reducing Carbon Emissions

We believe that as a business, we can help fight climate change through both reducing our own emissions, and supporting decarbonisation of energy in New Zealand. This benefits our communities, and also creates opportunity to grow demand for renewable energy which as a generator we are well positioned to meet.

NZ Windfarms has looked closely at operations and processes to identify where we can reduce carbon emissions. NZ Windfarms’ current carbon impact is primarily diesel for maintenance vehicles and through indirect sources (such as transportation of maintenance spares).

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We are currently working on setting short, medium and long-term carbon reduction targets that NZ Windfarms will commit to. In addition, we will embed climate change response in our core business strategy, financial planning and risk management framework. We will prioritise adapting our generation assets to mitigate climate change impacts and build resilience. We will continually seek opportunities to grow our renewable generation investment.


Environmental Compliance

NZ Windfarms generation stations operate within the constraints of three resource consents authorising their operation and maintenance.


These consents contain multiple conditions which are actively managed for compliance. In the past year, there were no environmental incidents or near misses.


We have continued to implement environmental management plans for all our activities in physical environments, in keeping with our continual improvement philosophy and guided by incident investigation recommendations on risk reduction and environmental improvement opportunities. This ensures robust works planning through early engagement across our operations team.

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Community Well-being

Our philosophy is to ‘be the neighbour you’d want to have. We live, work and operate in communities, and we know our actions impact on the people and environment around us.

To us, this means respecting the rights of others, ensuring the safe and best practice operation of our sites, and making a positive contribution to the communities we call home.

We work hard to understand the needs and aspirations of our local communities, and to ensure they understand how our business works - and how we tick as people too.


We have community engagement plans across our entire generation site and engage with stakeholders in our local communities year-round.


We want to hear from our neighbours, both when times are good and not so good.


We have a formal complaint process embedded in our operational reporting system.


NZ Windfarms Limited takes opportunities to meaningfully engage with near neighbours to ensure their continued support for ongoing operations and potential repower opportunities in the future.

Social Responsibility

Our commercial operations have wide reaching benefits to the Manawatu and Tararua economies. Staff members, contractors and service providers are members of these communities.


NZ Windfarms has a role to play as an investor in community well-being.


We support local organisations and charities whose members and beneficiaries can demonstrate strong links or affiliations to the areas that the Te Rere Hau wind farm operates in.

Our trade trained staff volunteer their time to assist community organisations to install heat pumps, rewire club-rooms and install hot water cylinders.

Please call the site office if you think your volunteer or community organisation might be a suitable candidate for assistance.


Register a Noise Complaint

Local residents can register a noise complaint here or by any of the contact details below. Please contact the Company in the first instance.

Residents should provide a description of the noise event (roaring or mechanical), date, time, address and contact details.

NZ Windfarms Ltd:

Tel: 06 280 2773 Ext 0  Email: operationalenquiries@nzwindfarms.co.nz

Palmerston North City Council:

Tel: 06 356 8119  Email: info@pncc.govt.nz

Tararua District Council:

Tel: 06 376 0110 Email: info@tararuadc.govt.nz

Complaint Management Plan

Complaint Management Plan

Noise Monitoring Report

2022 Noise Monitoring Report

2021 Noise Monitoring Report

2020 Noise Monitoring Report

2019 Noise Monitoring Report


Community Liaison Group


The next annual community liaison group meeting will occur in May 2023. 

The last community liaison group meeting was held on 26 May 2022 at Aokautere School, 169 Fitzherbert East Road, Aokautere 4471