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Empowering Sustainable Communities

Te Rere Hau Wind Farm

NZ Windfarms is a long term specialist wind farm owner and operator, with its revenue coming from the sale of sustainably generated electricity from its Te Rere Hau wind farm. The Te Rere Hau wind farm is located on North Range Road in the Tararua Ranges outside of Palmerston North. The area is widely acknowledged as one of the best wind resources in the world. The wind farm has 91 turbines with a nameplate capacity of 45.5 MW producing sufficient renewable electricity to power approximately 16,000 households or in excess of half the households in Palmerston North.

NZ Windfarms Limited (NWF) is a public company listed on the NZ Stock Exchange. Up to date share trading and prices can be obtained from the NZX website.

Current operating statistics and wind conditions are available from this link.

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